Hoboken Montessori School
  toddler 2 program - pre-primary program

The Pre-Primary program is for children ages 2 to 3 years old. The following schedules are available: 2 day (T TH), 3 day (MWF) or 5 (M-F) Half Day, Half Day & Lunch, Full Day, and Extended Day.

This program prepares children for the larger works of the Primary classroom and is a smaller class size than the Primary classroom.

The Pre-Primary Program is an environment prepared to meet the developmental needs and high energy levels of children who are transitioning from the Toddler class or entering school for the first time. The curriculum includes activities to help children develop their fine and gross motor coordination and visual discrimination through the senses as well as beginning math and language skills. Children will develop an awareness of numbers and basic math operations. There is also a Language area with special materials to develop the preliminary skills for writing and reading.In addition, a full array of enrichment in music, art, Spanish foreign language instruction, and yoga complement the program.

Through the program, each child will continue to learn important life skills including patience and respecting others in a group setting. In addition, children learn how to contribute to an orderly and productive classroom environment. They learn how to focus their attention at circle, how to do independent “jobs”, and how to care for themselves, including feeding, dressing, and mastering the use of the restroom.

Outdoor play is part of each full day weather permitting. Toilet training is not required to enter this classroom, but children must be toilet trained prior to entering the Primary classroom. A toddler toileting area encourages training and bathroom independence when your child is ready.

This program prepares the child for advancement to the Primary classroom depending upon readiness.



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The ancient saying, "There is nothing in the intellect which was not first in some way in the senses", and senses being explorers of the world, opens the way to knowledge”, says Dr. Maria Montessori.